The company

MHTBio THOMINET EIRL is a self-company whose objective is to promote and market healthy intimate products for health and the environment.

Our wish is that every woman who want can use organic, natural, ecological intimate products (cosmetics, protections and intimate objects) and especially without substances harmful to health (no phthalates, parabens, phenoxyethanol ...) with a reasonable price.

The company name MHTBio is a play on words, and it sounds like "like buy organic" in french.


MHTBio sells via the site (the name could be translated "my natural feminity")

MHTBio also disseminates information through websites (menstrual sponge), (intimate sponge) and (the female condom).


Following the conclusion that it is often difficult to find organic and / or ecological feminine products especially in the field of privacy, Helene THOMINET decided to launch in June 2014, a new website selling exclusively organic products for Women intimacy, ecological and at least without harmful substances for your health (no phthalates, parabens, etc.).

Our aim

Search and market for you, the best intimate feminine products respectful of your body and the environment. It remains only to use them...

Legal SEO

SIREN : 802 628 354 (company identification)
SIRET : 802 628 354 00010 (local unit identification)
European intercommunity VAT number  : FR 45 802 628 354
EORI number : FR 802 628 354 000 10 (Economic Operator Registration and Identification number for import and export)


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11 rue Jean Monnet
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phone: +33 6.520.711.36 (speaks very little English, prefers to speak French but possible in english by mail)